The Great Korean Road Trip – Day 9 – Ulleungdo Sea Road

Rough start today as my plans were foiled early. First off, I think it is imperative that you are familiarized with this picture:

A pathetic attempt to capture this iconic road :(.

This area along the south side of Jeodong is one of the most iconic areas of Ulleungdo. The view from the top observatory onto the bridges is spectacular. In fact, it was this very view in a picture in a local cafe that got me interested in Ulleungdo at all.

When I first came 5 years ago, it was very cloudy and while I did reach the spot, without the sun shining on the beautiful crystal clear blue-greenish water, it wasn’t quite the same (still cool). I vowed to come back one day. I had it all planned out for today and the weather report predicted sunny skies. The weather report lies!
Overcast aside, I still decided to hike the bridges and reach the top. Maybe a little luck and the sun would show itself. Unfortunately, it looks like the rockface gave out not too long ago, damaging the sea road and closing the path just beyond the first bridge. BAH! On to plan B.
I approached the sea road from the south side, through Dodong Port, the capital of Ulleungdo. The sea roads are all beautiful, but this wasn’t quite the same.

Sea Road Ulleungdo
There is a restaurant just to the edge of this pic (on the right). It was made famous by the Korean travel show “1 night, 2 days.”

Alas, I decided to cut my loses short and visit another icon of the island, Gwaneumdo. I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but I am a sucker for bridges. From design to its practicality, I find something I like about most of them. This one is especially beautiful. Well, Judge for yourself.

Gwaneumdo in Ulleungdo
In ancient times, Gwaneumdo and Ulleungdo were joined together. However, erosion from the water and wind made them separate islands.
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