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Hawaii is undoubtedly a popular tourist spot. Out of all the places to visit in the state, Maui, the second-largest Hawaiian island, is a beautiful hotspot worth checking out. In 2022, Maui County hotels saw a rise in room revenues by 29.7% from pre-pandemic numbers in 2019. While the growth from the pandemic is still gradual, it’s a sign that more and more tourists are starting to travel to the island again. On top of its beauty, Hawaii owes its popularity to its many attractions. It’s home to two of the world’s most active volcanoes, so if you’re looking to travel to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is something to keep in mind as it is currently Hawaii’s only World Heritage Site.
While the national park isn’t located in Maui, it’s still a notable destination if you want to tour statewide. For today’s post, we’ll look at the relaxing and breathtaking activity of driving around Maui, Hawaii, and everything you need to know to enjoy your drive:

What are the requirements for driving in Hawaii?

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Hawaii is relatively driver-friendly. Tourists can drive as long as they hold a valid international or foreign driver’s license written in English. For American tourists, Hawaii recognizes out-of-state licenses and will not require you to take a driving test. Additionally, owning a driver’s license and a credit card are the only requirements for renting a car in Hawaii.

How to rent a car in Maui?

Speaking of renting a car, Maui is a big island where everything is spread out. Driving your own (rented) car can enhance your travel experience as you can explore your target destinations at your own pace. There are car rentals available at Maui Kahului Airport, specifically at the new CONRAC facility, and you can take a tram ride over to pick up the rental car. Rental rates vary by season and car type, so keep this in mind if you’re traveling during the summer, as it’s one of their busiest seasons and will mean limited availability. To prevent any last-minute confusion in your trip, it’s always best to book a car rental in Maui as soon as you have your flight confirmed, as it will allow you to pick your car of choice, like whether or not you’ll want a four-wheel drive car for off-road experiences.

Where to drive in Maui?

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When you think of Maui or Hawaii, the thought of beaches may be the first thing that comes to mind. However, Maui offers one of the best road trips in the world. The road to Hana, spread across the Hana Highway, has spectacular views ranging from vast jungles and cliff edges to plunging waterfalls. Notable stop-offs you’ll want to look for include bamboo forests and swims in crystal clear pools at Twin Falls and Waikamoi Falls. At the end of the route, you’ll have reached the silky gold sands and blissful palms of Hamoa Beach.

Can you drive around Maui in a day?

Finally, it is possible to drive around Maui in one day if you plan and budget your time. A drive around Maui can take around 10 to 12 hours, and some visitors like to extend their road to Hana road trip around the island of Maui for a complete go-round. Some car rentals in Maui may offer discounts for extended rental times, so keep this in mind if you’re planning on driving around the island. As with all other long drives and road trips, pack lots of food and water, and always drive safely.

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