Germany is a fantastic starting point for exploring Europe’s countless UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Why? Because “Wow” is the first word that will come to mind once you see the natural beauty of this land. Plus, we get a wonderful look into the country and the region’s famous past with the rich history and culture here. We’ve put together a list of the absolute must-see sites for you to check out. Just keep reading to find out more. 

Historic Cities 

You’ll be absolutely captivated by the enchanting tales of the past best told by Germany’s historic cities. And let’s not forget, they provide the opportunity to stroll down the very streets iconic figures once walked on. That connection to the past is something that is simply priceless, don’t you think? It can also be hassle-free through Exoticca’s tours to Germany. The travel company is your reliable companion to convenient and unforgettable vacations in Europe and practically every corner of the globe. 

Key Cities 

Berlin – Your trip to Germany’s UNESCO sites should begin in Berlin, the country’s lively and diverse city. What makes this city so interesting is the way it combines old and new. It’s like walking through a museum, with the Brandenburg Gate, the remnants of the Berlin Wall, and other historical monuments still standing amongst modern architectural structures. 

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A Guide To Taking A Cruise With A Pre-Existing Condition

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Are you dreaming of a relaxing cruise vacation but worried about how your pre-existing condition might affect your travel plans? Don’t let your health concerns hold you back from experiencing the adventure of a lifetime. With some careful planning and preparation, taking a cruise with a pre-existing condition can be a safe and enjoyable experience. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through things you need to know as well as some tips on how to ensure that your health needs are met so you can make the most of your cruise holiday.

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Hawaii is undoubtedly a popular tourist spot. Out of all the places to visit in the state, Maui, the second-largest Hawaiian island, is a beautiful hotspot worth checking out. In 2022, Maui County hotels saw a rise in room revenues by 29.7% from pre-pandemic numbers in 2019. While the growth from the pandemic is still gradual, it’s a sign that more and more tourists are starting to travel to the island again. On top of its beauty, Hawaii owes its popularity to its many attractions. It’s home to two of the world’s most active volcanoes, so if you’re looking to travel to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is something to keep in mind as it is currently Hawaii’s only World Heritage Site.
While the national park isn’t located in Maui, it’s still a notable destination if you want to tour statewide. For today’s post, we’ll look at the relaxing and breathtaking activity of driving around Maui, Hawaii, and everything you need to know to enjoy your drive:

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The Great Korean Road Trip – Day 25 – The Master and Apprentice

You may already know this, but although I am writing the final day of this road trip sometime in February, this entire trip happened over July and August of last year. I stopped posting real time posts during the road trip when I made it to Jeju around day 16 and simply didn’t have the motivation to do it as I traveled longer and longer distances. Nonetheless, my excitement for this, the last day of the trip was so great that I did write up a long post about it on my Instagram. This more or less will be an extended version of that post. It is fitting that this day stats in Jeonju as this story starts here too, way back in May, 2019 during the Jeonju International Film Festival (JIFF).   

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