Less Touristy Things to do OUTSIDE of Seoul

If you read the last post about Less Touristy Things to do in Seoul, you get the drill. I am not saying that these alternatives are BETTER than their more touristy cousins in Korea, but I can definitely assure you that you will be one of the few foreigners experiencing these places. The last post included places within Seoul or within a short day trip, so this one will exclusively be limited to places outside of Seoul.

Historical City -> Skip Gyeongju, go to Kongju and Buyeo

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Historic Center of Zacatecas

The view of Zacatecas from the nearby silver mines.

Location: Zacatecas, Zacatecas, Mexico

Visited: August, 2009

Opinion and Background:
Towards foreigners, Mexicans seem united in their love for their country. However, amongst themselves, distinct (but friendly) battle lines are drawn showing off specific city pride, with everyone claiming that their city is the most beautiful and unique in Mexico. While its easy to brush this off as typical over aggrandizement of one’s hometown, it is actually quite remarkable how different Mexican cities can look compared to each other, and for once, the hype is justified.

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Redwoods National and State Parks

Along Pacific Coast Highway 1

Location: (North of) Eureka, California, USA

Visited: September, 2007

Background and Opinion:
It is an understatement to say that these are “some big trees.” These behemoths tower higher than you can comfortably tilt your head up, making for a spectacular environment. There is nothing to really plan except for a camping stay near the beach, as this park is located along the northern Californian coast. The “avenue of giants” is a must as it is a side scenic route with some of the largest redwoods (you will see signs for it is you are driving up Pacific Coast Highway 1), some of which you can literally drive through! There are however two downsides.
1) This redwoods area contains the tallest known tree (and consequently, living thing) on Earth. However, due to past vandalism, its location is kept secret from the general public.
2) Accessibility on any sort of a modest budget is out of the question. Like pretty much anything worth seeing in the US, you have to drive to it (foreigners would have to rent a car). Being near the border of Oregon and California, it’s hardly “around the corner.”

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