Top 80 Things to do in Korea OUTSIDE of Seoul (2022)

Korea has lots to offer outside of Seoul. Over the last decade, I’ve published, updated, and expanded this list many times. For 2022, here what I think are the “Top 80 Things to do in Korea OUTSIDE of Seoul.” This year, I’ve have added a Kakao Map with instructions at the bottom of this post to help you find these places. Let the countdown begin!

Things to do in Korea Countdown: #80-61

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80) Chuja-do Island / 추자도

Chuja Rope Factory
Chuja’s main industry is fishing. It is supported by mini-factories like this one that makes fishing rope. I am kind of a sucker for industrial places and workshops.

Chuja Island is a set of twin islands between Jeju and the mainland. This small island doesn’t get many visitors outside of two daily boats. The best way to explore it is to hike Olle Trail 18-1 which does an 8 loop around the island. Many claim it is the most challenging of the 26 Jeju Olle Trails, so try it if you’re up to the challenge. Around the island are interesting mosaics, beautiful natural scenery, and plenty of friendly locals.

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Korea Itinerary for 1, 3, 7 and 14 day trips

You’re too lazy or confused to make your own damn itinerary? No problemo, I’ve got you covered. The reason I’ve never done a post like this is because, well, I don’t know you and have no idea what you would like or dislike, but I’ll just assume you’re a mini-me and would like what I like. Let’s get started.
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Awesome Layover #1 – 12 Hours in Shanghai

“Awesome, I have a long layover!” Let’s face it, those are words that are rarely uttered by anyone. Travelers either want to get to their destination or return home as soon as possible. I too prefer direct flights to lower my chances of having any missed connections, unexpected delays, or boring stays in the airport, but don’t scoff at a layover so quickly. It is a golden opportunity to visit a place that you weren’t expecting. These days, I think of layovers as a bonus travel destination. It is kind of like a trip within a trip. On some occasions, like my layover in Amsterdam, I have even gone out of my way to ensure that I have a longer stay to properly explore the layover city. This is the first of what I hope are many posts about layovers I have had on the way to my main destination. This is what I did on my layover in Shanghai.
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