Contributing as a Company / Ad Agency

If you would like to contribute to Travel World Heritage in the form of a post, banner, or anything relating to a mutually beneficial commercial relationship, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some statistics, things you need to know, and ground rules.

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Travel World Heritage

If You’re Selling Something, You’re in the Right Place

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten a request from “a blogger just like [me]” who simply wants to get out there. Finally, they write a post, and it is filled with affiliate links pointing to commercial sites. Bottom line, if you want to sell something, be up front about it.



~20,000 Views per Month (Dec, 2016)

~11,000 Unique visitors per Month (Dec, 2016)

~780 Facebook Followers (Dec, 2016)

~740 Twitter Followers (Dec, 2016)

~200 Instagram Followers (Dec, 2016)

~100 Pinterest Followers (Dec, 2016)

~60 Email Subscribers (Dec, 2016)

I’ll be honest, I don’t make a huge effort on Social Media. I post casual pics on Instagram but the bulk of my efforts go to the blog itself.


My Ten Most Popular Posts

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As you can see, my Korea posts are very popular. For many Korea travel key words, it is the top search on Google.


My Readership

While I do have followers, the majority of my readership comes from Google searches. This is beneficial because while loyal readers are good for me and I love to have regulars, it is Google search people that bring in the consistent cash.


I am Willing to Accept Freebies, but…

Everyone loves freebies! However, the status quo when it comes to freebies these days is that it results in a positive review of your product. It doesn’t with me. Look, my readers aren’t stupid and if you want to sell them something, I am going to give them my honest opinion about it. So far, I have only accepted one freebie because they were professional, accepted my terms, and there were no strings attached. They did actually end up being featured, but it was definitely not guaranteed. However, if I don’t like your product, you do have the option to ask me not to write about it at all.


I do Accept Banners and Advertisements, but…

They must be relevant. I am not advertising about poker is my blog is about travel. I don’t care if you pay more, it must be relevant. We can talk about the terms by email, but you should pitch me your offer first. If it is a product I have used consistently myself, I am willing to offer a discount for advertisement. Email me.


Native Advertisement

This is one of the biggest trends in advertisement these days. A seemingly normal post is disguised to actually be an advertisement. These is a fine line and it is case by case, but I am not a fan of deceiving my viewership. For this reason, I highly prefer banners over native advertisements. We can talk about it by email.


Sponsorship will be Explicit

If you are paying for something, I will tell the readers. I think there is a big problem with advertisement as a whole in the travel blogging world. Bloggers have become full-time and when their bottom line depends on a steady paycheck, I get why they sell your soul for some cash. I, however, blog as a side project and have a full-time job. I do not need the money and will turn it down if I find it doesn’t fit my blog.


My email is maximuz04[at]gmail[dot]com if you accept these terms.