Top 80 Things to do in Korea OUTSIDE of Seoul (2022)

Korea has lots to offer outside of Seoul. Over the last decade, I’ve published, updated, and expanded this list many times. For 2022, here what I think are the “Top 80 Things to do in Korea OUTSIDE of Seoul.” This year, I’ve have added a Kakao Map with instructions at the bottom of this post to help you find these places. Let the countdown begin!

Things to do in Korea Countdown: #80-61

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80) Chuja-do Island / 추자도

Chuja Rope Factory
Chuja’s main industry is fishing. It is supported by mini-factories like this one that makes fishing rope. I am kind of a sucker for industrial places and workshops.

Chuja Island is a set of twin islands between Jeju and the mainland. This small island doesn’t get many visitors outside of two daily boats. The best way to explore it is to hike Olle Trail 18-1 which does an 8 loop around the island. Many claim it is the most challenging of the 26 Jeju Olle Trails, so try it if you’re up to the challenge. Around the island are interesting mosaics, beautiful natural scenery, and plenty of friendly locals.

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Wolchulsan National Park – Jeolla, South Korea

“Don’t go to Korea for the nature!!!” I know, I have said it a thousand times (and sorry for quoting myself, that is a sin, I know), and you know what, I am not backing off of that. At least, not yet. Korea has a breathtaking amount of cultural history, with dozens of things to do in the capital alone. However, I reassert that, with the exception of Jeju Island, it is not a natural haven, despite what the official tourism website might say. However, Wolchulsan National Park is a step up from most nature oriented places I have been to in Korea.
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