The Great Korean Road Trip – Day 15 – Gaya Tumili

This is going to be a short one. Korea is expected to submit “Gaya Tumili” as their UNESCO proposition either in 2020 or 2021. In anticipation, I came to Changnyeong to see the cluster of tombs. I came within a kilometer or two back in April when I visited the Upo Wetlands, but didn’t even know these existed.
Unfortunately, there is almost no signage at all. The small sign I did find just explained that the tombs were discovered by the Japanese during the colonial period, but that we aren’t exactly sure what was taken from the inside. Unfortunately, being Monday, the adjacent museum is closed. Well, here they go! They are pretty much like the Silla tombs in Gyeongju or the Joseon tombs around Seoul (but bigger).

Tomorrow, I head to Jeju to meet up with Sid for a 5 day tour of the island. Until then!

Completely unrelated, but in the parking lot, there was a huge truck carrying a piece of a wing.
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