The Great Korean Road Trip – Day 10 – Ulleungdo Taeha Village

I wasn’t expecting to be in Ulleungdo this long, but a typhoon had other plans. The southern coast is currently being battered by heavy rains and wind, causing the eastern ports to be shut down. The lady at my accommodation was more than accommodating, so no biggie. I woke up late expecting heavy rain, but nothing but Read more

The Great Korean Road Trip – Day 8 – Ulleungdo Squid Festival

Distance Traveled Today: 12km

Distance Traveled Total: 1062km

Today started a lot earlier than I am used to. In order to catch a ferry to Ulleungdo from Gangneung, you have to be ready to sail out at 8:20. I really hate rushing, so I always try to show up early. It paid off since the parking situation was just ridiculous and I was a full 30 minutes early. I managed to get the very last ticket available and Read more