The Great Korean Road Trip – Day 10 – Ulleungdo Taeha Village

I wasn’t expecting to be in Ulleungdo this long, but a typhoon had other plans. The southern coast is currently being battered by heavy rains and wind, causing the eastern ports to be shut down. The lady at my accommodation was more than accommodating, so no biggie. I woke up late expecting heavy rain, but nothing but wind in an otherwise beautiful day.
Having wasted some of my day already, I headed to take a trip around the towns of the entire island. Most notable was Taeha, along the north west coast of the island. Taeha is a very quiet town (most outside of Jeodong and Dodong are) but has some beautifully painted buildings on its main road.
It also boasts a museum of sorts. I wasn’t in the mood, so I didn’t go in, but did check out the large, life-sized boat out front.

The highlight, like most things here, was the sea road. This is a very short hike, but well worth it. You first climb to the top of a bridge which mosaics explaining the history of how Ulleungdo was discovered and the squid industry (from what I understood).

Then you cross the bridge and just walk along the bridge road as the angry sea roars below. Interestingly, this is the second sea road, but you can still see the old one below. From what I gather, when the sea is rough, the old road looks super dangerous.

For the risk takers our there.

As I reached the end of the hike, an official showed up to close it down, so I guess I made it just in time. There is also a cable car but a sign said it was closed and it was difficult to know whether that was permanent of just during these cyclone winds.

Anyways, thats all for now. See you later alligators.

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