The Great Korean Road Trip – Day 16 – NOTHING pt.2

Calling this a “hot day” is a tad of an understatement. I was scorched and dripping with sweat within seconds of stepping out of my air conditioned room. After 15 full days of travel, a flight to Jeju later in the day, and this heat, I just wanted to chill.

Just before I checked out, I was REALLY dragging my feet. I had nothing pressing to do nor anywhere to be here in Busan as I have visited about 10 times before. The Seomyeon district has its charms, but I also had a lot of time. Thankfully, that laziness lead to a serendipitous conversation with the owner where we discussed, more than anything else, her hostel business and how hostels have changed over time in the minds of Koreans.

For the rest of the day, I just shopped, looked around Seomyeon and headed to Gimhae airport where I was delightfully surprised to find out that AJ Rent-a-car (Avis in the US) cancelled my rental reservation I made weeks ago. Jeju was off to a shitty start, but thankfully, every day after this one (since I am not writing in retrospect) was much better ;).

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