The Great Korean Road Trip – Day 6 – Gangneung

Distance Traveled Today: 200km

Distance Traveled Total: 1040km

My lovely Sid met up with me in Wonju to spend the weekend together. It was too hot to hike Chiaksan National Park as we originally intended, so we decided to head east and hit the beach. Unfortunately, it looks like half of Seoul had the same idea and we had the unholiest of
traffic jams.

Our first stop was Yangyang which is known for surfing. Just take my word for it, you do NOT want to go to Yangyang for surfing. I still haven’t figured out why it became known for that given it has virtually no waves! No one is even surfing either… they are just laying on their surf boards on still water. I’ve done all of one lesson in Bali and got more action than that. Okay, enough whining. Walking along the shore was nice though as the sand is very soft and the water was refreshing.

beach yangyang

Gangneung was our last stop. I really like Gangneung and I really don’t know why. In my 4 visits, I don’t remember ever having good weather, the traffic is usually awful, and don’t get me started about the parking situation. Nevertheless, I always leave with a good feeling. Maybe it is just the lack of strong waves that remind me of Perris Lake in California where I used to go as a child. Maybe its the clear water that is always much nicer than Busan. Whatever it is, Gangneung always hits the spot.



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