The Great Korean Road Trip – Day 7 – Gangneung Pt.2: Coffee

Distance Traveled Today: 10km

Distance Traveled Total: 1050km

Day 7 was kind of a rest day. We went for a morning stroll along the beach. After that, I dropped Sid off at Gangneung Station, managed to do a little bit of laundry, and planned for our upcoming 2nd meet-up in Jeju. However, an early need for coffee turned out to be the
unexpected highlight.

Coffee shop gangneung
All books are for sale and mostly about history or cooking.

Terrarosa Coffee, from what I gather, is somewhat of a local franchise here in Gangneung. We visited what looks to be the flagship (I know, tons of assumptions) just to get an early morning cup of joe. Finding parking was very difficult as everyone else was also descending upon this unseemingly cafe. Terrarosa is a beautiful bookstore / coffee shop with great coffee and fantastic decor. While bookstores with cafes is not really a novel concept (Paju book city takes the cake on that one), it was still quite lovely.

Other things – Laundry and Cafe BUBBLY

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