Jongmyo Jaerye Festival in Seoul, South Korea pt.2/2

A visual arts festival is always improved with, well you know, some visuals! Here are two videos I took during the Jongmyo Jaerye Festival this last weekend. By the way, subscribe to the youtube channel and you can see these videos as soon as they are uploaded (ahead of time).

Video #1: The Ritualistic Dance during Jongmyo Jaerye

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Jongmyo Jaerye Festival in Seoul, South Korea pt.1/2
Jongmyo Jaerye
A panoramic picture of the Jongmyo Jaerye festival.


What is Jongmyo Jaerye? Despite being one of the most important cultural festivals in Korea, most visitors have never heard of it. Who can blame them, I have been in Korea for three years and it took active researching to find out when and where it was (and I knew what I was looking for).

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Jongmyo Shrine
There are nineteen gates holding the spirits and tablets of the first nineteen Joseon monarchs.
There are nineteen gates in this particular building of the Jongmyo Shrine, holding the spirits of the first nineteen Joseon monarchs.

Location: Seoul, South Korea (Scroll down for a map)

Visited:  April, 2011; June, 2012; May 5th, 2013

Background and Opinion: I have been waiting to visit the Jongmyo Shrine one more time during the Jaerye Festival before I did a proper assessment. However, I have decided against awarding this site more points based on an event that happens only once a year since that doesn’t reflect what a typical person would experience any other day.

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