35 K-pop Songs Vastly Superior to Gangnam Style

I know, I know. This might be the most out of date post ever. Not only are Gangnam Style and Psy not relevant anymore, but most of the songs on this list aren’t even new. Nevertheless, when that wretched (but admittedly catchy) song hit the airwaves, I couldn’t help but wonder why on earth THIS SONG became popular worldwide given how many better ones existed. Long story short, I just couldn’t let it go, and this list was already written down a long time ago, so what the hell. Here is my countdown of 35  K-pop songs which are better than Gangnam Style.

Note – Most videos have subs, in case you want to sing along.


35) Kara (카라) – Lupin (루팡)


34) Supreme Team (슈프림팀) – Supermagic

33) Wonder Girls (원더걸스) – So Hot


32)  After School (애프터 스쿨) – Bang!


31) Rain (비) – Hip Song


30) After School (애프터 스쿨) – Shampoo


29) 2NE1 (투애니원) – Ugly


28) T-Ara (티아라) – Bo Beep Bo Beep


27) Beast (비스트/B2ST) – Shock


26) Song Ji Eun (송지은) – Going Crazy (미친거니)


25) Jay Park (박재범) – Know Your Name


24) Brown Eyed Girls (브라운 아이드 걸스) – Abracadabra


23) T-Ara (티아라) – Lies (거짓말)


22) Dara (다라) – Kiss 

Note – From the music video, Cass (카스) would also be an acceptable title.


21) Ailee (에일리) – Evening Sky (저녁 하늘)


20) CN Blue (씨엔블루) – I’m a Loner (외톨이야)


19) Sistar (씨스타) – So Cool


18) Super Junior (슈퍼주니어) – Sorry Sorry


17) Girl’s Generation (서녀시대/SNSD) – Gee


16) Kan Mi Yeon (간미연) – Paparrazi (파파라치)


15) 2PM (투피엠) – Hands Up 


14) Beast (비스트/B2ST) – Mystery (미스테리)


13) Gummy (거미) – As a Man (남자라서)


12) 2NE1 (투애니원) – In The Club


11) Crayon Pop (크레용팝) – Bar Bar Bar (빠빠빠)


10) Shinee (샤이니) – Replay / Nuna Is So Pretty (누난 너무 예뻐)


9) Co-Ed School (남녀공학) – Too Late


8) Orange Caramel (오렌지캬라멜) – Lipstick (립스틱)


7) Kara (카라) – Mister (미스터)


6) T-Ara (티아라) – Like the First Time (처음처럼)


5) Juniel (주니엘) – Illa Illa (일라 일라)


4) 4 Minute (포미닛) – Volume Up


3) Big Bang (빅뱅) – Day By Day / Haru Haru (하루하루)


2) After School (애프터 스쿨) – Because of You (너 때문에)


1) Taeyang (태양) – Wedding Dress (웨딩 드레스)


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