35 K-pop Songs Vastly Superior to Gangnam Style

I know, I know. This might be the most out of date post ever. Not only are Gangnam Style and Psy not relevant anymore, but most of the songs on this list aren’t even new. Nevertheless, when that wretched (but admittedly catchy) song hit the airwaves, I couldn’t help but wonder why on earth THIS SONG became popular worldwide given how many better ones existed. Long story short, I just couldn’t let it go, and this list was already written down a long time ago, so what the hell. Here is my countdown of 35  K-pop songs which are better than Gangnam Style.

Note – Most videos have subs, in case you want to sing along.


35) Kara (카라) – Lupin (루팡)


34) Supreme Team (슈프림팀) – Supermagic

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