So what is this? A website update is something I do every three months to tell you guys (and remind myself) about what is going on in Travel World Heritage or with me in general (if relevant). While some blogs do it every month or every week, but to say that I have a time consuming day-job is a bit of an understatement, so this will have to do. Nine months into blogging and I am still at it. To be honest, I don’t remember anything else I have been consistent with for this long :).

1. My Computer Broke: I never thought about it until now, but I was extremely dependent on my little Asus netbook for blogging and pretty much everything else. I have not yet found a replacement, and let me tell you, blogging on a phone is tough. I do have to throw a shout out to Anil from the Fox Nomad blog, as his post on the best upcoming laptops has convinced me to wait for a newer Haswell chip ultrabook as the savings on battery are amazing. Anyways, if all goes well, I will get a Lenovo Yoga 2 ultrabook soon :).

2. UNESCO Monday: I wanted a way to get the readers involved in the blog and think this is a perfect way. Simply put, if you have been to a UNESCO World Heritage Site and taken a fantastic photo, send it in [] along with a story about how it was taken and the site name and you will be featured on this blog! I am interested in cool stories that go along with incredible shots. I have gotten a handful of interested people, but no one has yet to submit an actual picture and paragraph. For full details, check out this post.

3. The End is Near! The majority of the posts here so far have been on South Korea, where I live. While there are still potentially hundreds more posts I could do about this amazing country, the end of my time here is near. It is a done deal that I will move out of the country soon and on to my next adventure. Hopefully, I will become as attached to the next place as much as my concrete haven of Seoul.

4. Small Victories: My overall view count on this site has been so atrocious, that I have actually stopped checking every day. When I stopped pumping money into advertising, traffic went with it. However, I do want to share something that I am particularly proud of. My single biggest search engine results these days are my South Korea Travel Guide, Top 30 things to do in Seoul, and the Ranking of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. While on the first two are projects, I pumped well over a hundred hours of work into, the third one is “secretly” my single favorite post. I love ranking things and I am glad that readers like it too.

Yeah, like you noticed, not much to update because I’ve been so busy with real life stuff. Well, back to work….bye!

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