Buddha’s Birthday – Lotus Lantern Festival [videos] pt.2/2

Buddha’s birthday comes with a lot of celebrations, including the fantastic parade across Jongno during the Lotus Lantern Festival. If you missed the last post on the festival, check it out here. Thankfully, I was in a good spot to take some videos of the whole thing. Here are three of the best ones!

1) Fire-Breathing Dragons

If you liked the picture of the fire-breathing dragon from the last post, here they are again!

2) Marching Lanterns and Drummers

Here are some of the people who marched in the parade. These guys must have practiced a lot to get this good in drumming and dancing. The lanterns in most of the video are Korean hangeul symbols. I can’t be for certain, but I think they are yelling out “Bongeunsa,” the name of one of the biggest temples in Seoul.

3) Traditional Pangut Performers

While it is tough to top fire-breathing dragons, this is actually my favorite video and overall performance in the parade. The way these Pangut performers synchronize the ribbons attached to their heads and their drumming by simply shaking their heads was hypnotizing.  Give me ten years and I don’t think I would be able to master this beautiful form of art.

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