The Lanterns in Bongeunsa Temple

One of my favorite things about living in Korea has been the plethora of festivals available on a weekly basis. In fact, many festivals land on the same weekend, like the amazing Andong Mask Festival and the unbearably overcrowded International Fireworks Festival.

The entrance is subtle, yet stunning.
The entrance is subtle, yet stunning.

From April 25th-May 11th, Korea celebrated Buddha’s 2556 th birthday with its annual lantern festivities. Many places around Seoul and the rest of the country were decorated with amazing lanterns for the event. Bongeunsa is one of Korea’s oldest, largest, and most important temples. They seem to go all out for the event. Read more

Buddha’s Birthday – Lotus Lantern Festival [videos] pt.2/2

Buddha’s birthday comes with a lot of celebrations, including the fantastic parade across Jongno during the Lotus Lantern Festival. If you missed the last post on the festival, check it out here. Thankfully, I was in a good spot to take some videos of the whole thing. Here are three of the best ones!

1) Fire-Breathing Dragons

If you liked the picture of the fire-breathing dragon Read more