Travel Tales #7 – Living With the Landlord from Hell

Everyone at some point in their life has experienced a bad roommate, difficulty living with a parent, or like this situation, a landlord from hell. Rules of three for comedy.

I’ve had my share of not so ideal situations, but nothing even comes close to the first place I lived in New Zealand. I actually tried to write this very article a few months ago, and while I can look back and laugh now, it made me so mad at the time, I just erased everything and decided against it. I just didn’t want all that negativity on here, but I’m over it now so it’s time to share. This is not a warning, as I am sure this lady is just nuts, but I hope we can at least laugh about this together now that it is deep in the past. Read more

Travel Tales #2 – Getting Scammed in Beijing

Traveling takes effort… it really does. What is worse, it is terrifying. Unfortunately, much like everything else in life, it is the bad memories that stick around the longest. Much like anything else in our digital lives, people post about the good parts, and we don’t often hear about what went wrong. However entertaining it may be, traveling can be scary enough without having to read about horror stories online. When I finally get around to write a post about Angkor Wat, I will be sure to skip the part where I got diabolical diarrhea for two weeks after leaving Cambodia.
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