Working Holiday in New Zealand pt.4 – Was it Worth It?

Episode #4 – Reflection Time

Are you worth it silly looking bird with weird feet?
Are you worth it silly looking bird with weird feet?

Where ever you live, at home or abroad, there will always be things you like and dislike about a place. What it comes down to is whether the good out weights the bad or visa versa.  I’d like to share five questions that I ask myself to make sense of this whole experience in an attempt to answer the ultimate question: Was it worth it?

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Working Holiday in New Zealand pt.3 – Things I HATED

Episode #3 – New Zealand’s Dark Side

You came here looking for the dirt on New Zealand and you will definitely find it. Contrary to what you may have heard, New Zealand is NOT a paradise. 1/4 of all Kiwis are abroad at any given time, and that is not because they have utopia-phobia. Here are some of the things that stuck out to me.

Note: For the good things in NZ go here, and for the things you should know before coming, go here

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Working Holiday in New Zealand pt.2 – Things I LOVED

Episode #2 – Amazing New Zealand

Hopefully, you read my two cents on things I wish I knew before coming and are ready to know all the great stuff about this country. Let’s not waste any time!


The Landscapes are as Promised

On the waterfront of Lake Tekapo

Just like everyone told you, the nature is spectacular everywhere you go. If you are a big outdoorsy person, Mt. Cook, Milford Sound, and 90-mile beach will not disappoint. The landscapes are phenomenal and nearly every biome is represented including stunning sand dunes, crystal clear beaches, glaciers, forests, and even active volcanoes. If you’re a nature buff, you may never want to leave.


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Working Holiday in New Zealand pt.1 – Things To Know and Do Before Coming

Episode #1 – Preparing for the Adventure of a Lifetime

The Road Ahead

I have been in New Zealand for roughly 10.5 months now (at time of posting, I am flying out today), and while my close friends have heard of my thoughts on the country and experience as a whole, I have purposefully refrained from almost all criticism or overoptimistic praise on this blog. I didn’t want to say something bad only to take it back later and visa versa, so I wanted to finish the whole experience before giving my two cents. This is a fair warning, I am going to be 100% brutally honest and this will not be yet another “WOW! OMG! I love NZ!” post or a hate rant. I am not going to talk about how many sheep are in the country (a lot) or how driving on the left is cool (it’s not that big of a deal really), because quite frankly, those things are stupid, completely unhelpful to know, and done to death. Read more

Travel Tales #7 – Living With the Landlord from Hell

Everyone at some point in their life has experienced a bad roommate, difficulty living with a parent, or like this situation, a landlord from hell. Rules of three for comedy.

I’ve had my share of not so ideal situations, but nothing even comes close to the first place I lived in New Zealand. I actually tried to write this very article a few months ago, and while I can look back and laugh now, it made me so mad at the time, I just erased everything and decided against it. I just didn’t want all that negativity on here, but I’m over it now so it’s time to share. This is not a warning, as I am sure this lady is just nuts, but I hope we can at least laugh about this together now that it is deep in the past. Read more