Pre-Hispanic City of Teotihuacan

Sun Pyramid of TeotihuacanLocation: Teotihuacan, Mexico State, Mexico (Near Mexico City)
January 2, 2011
August, 2009
November, 2001

Opinion and Background:
It is my very biased opinion that few know, and take care of their historical sites like Mexicans. This site is no exception. These huge pyramids are well preserved and breath taking as soon as you arrive. The only down side is that without a tour group, foreigners have a tough time arriving here without a huge price hike (‘foreigner price’). The area is quite vast and takes a few hours to walk around and take in. Even though I’ve been here three times, I hadn’t noticed the small museum at the south end with original excavated masks and even human bones until the last time I went in Jan 2011. The site’s main draws are the Sun (large) and the Moon (slightly less large) Pyramids.

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