Teaching in Korea – Understanding Your Contract

For first timers and experienced teachers alike, understanding a contract offered by a Korean educational institute can be… well… intimidating or outright confusing. There are ‘red flags’ you should run from and ‘yellow flags’ where you proceed with caution but could be nothing. Keep in mind that many of these things are subjective and my advice is based on what I personally believe is and isn’t a big deal, and keeping both the employee and employer point of view in mind. In making this guide, I cross referenced about a dozen contracts posted on Reddit’s Korea Teaching sub, a couple posted on Dave’s and Waygook, EPIK’s sample contract, and a bunch of contracts I have been offered over the years and just saved. Here is also the official Korean Labor Standards for reference.
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Another 10 Korean Words You Should NEVER Translate to English

Learning a new language is hard… REALLY REALLY hard. On top of all these new sounds you didn’t even know were associated with speaking,  context is key. My Korean language studies have been a bumpy ride of miscommunication and mishaps. Here are another 10 words and phrases where it’s best to ditch Google Translate and read the long form explanation before you cause an international incident.

My first list is here.

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