5 More Fantastic Korean Street Foods and Side Dishes pt.2

This list is OUTDATED! I’ve combined all Korean Food lists into this single post.

It is hard to stress how amazing Korean food is. While I had some experience with it prior to visiting Korea, in reality, unless you live in a Koreatown, you can barely scratch the surface of what Korean food has to offer. This is my second post on Korean street foods and side dishes in an effort to convince you to visit South Korea not by appealing to your sense of adventure, but to your sense of taste. Make sure to also check out my South Korea Travel Guide for more SK information.

I love Korean food so much, that for this post, I will try a different approach. Instead of posting pictures, each item has a Youtube video of someone making the Korean street food or side dish.

1) Stir Fried Clear Noodles / Japchae / 잡채

Japchae is a thin, clear noodle side dish with mixed vegetables, mushrooms, and beef. What is special about this dish is Read more