These days, fusion food is all the rage. If you’re a so called “foodie” and are into your local food scene, you’ll know that fusion is often talked up as some ‘bold’ experiment from an ‘innovative’ chef looking to mix the best of both worlds. Do you love Korean food? How about Mexican food? Well, hang on to your dinner plates everyone because this Kor-Mex fusion will BLOW YOUR MIND. At least, that’s what they’d like you to think. The reality is very different. Is this even sushi anymore?

Fusion Food
“Miya’s Sushi: …an Americana sushi roll” by Mickeycomix is licensed by CC BY-SA 3.0

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Korean Food – The 30 Absolute BEST Dishes

Growing up in Los Angeles, Korean BBQ was somewhat of a staple. Beyond that, I didn’t have much knowledge of what Korean food had to offer until I moved here. Nearly six years later, I’ve become so obsessed with the cuisine that I really can’t go more than two weeks without one of these amazing meals or snacks. This is the ultimate countdown to the 30 best Korean dishes, so prepare yourself as it’s about to get yummy!

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5 More Awesome Korean Food Main Dishes you MUST try pt.3

This list is OUTDATED! I’ve combined all Korean Food lists into this single post.

Korean food is just amazing, so it should be no surprise that we have reached a third Korean main dish list (list 1, list 2). With so many flavorful choices, don’t be surprised if this series reaches a pt. 25. Having lived in Korea for nearly four years, I have grown an intense fondness to the delightful choices  available to satisfy my palate.

Korean food is great, Korean food is yummy, yata yata yata… let’s get this ball rolling shall we?

5) Bibimbap / 비빔밥 / Mixed Rice

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5 More Fantastic Korean Street Foods and Side Dishes pt.2

This list is OUTDATED! I’ve combined all Korean Food lists into this single post.

It is hard to stress how amazing Korean food is. While I had some experience with it prior to visiting Korea, in reality, unless you live in a Koreatown, you can barely scratch the surface of what Korean food has to offer. This is my second post on Korean street foods and side dishes in an effort to convince you to visit South Korea not by appealing to your sense of adventure, but to your sense of taste. Make sure to also check out my South Korea Travel Guide for more SK information.

I love Korean food so much, that for this post, I will try a different approach. Instead of posting pictures, each item has a Youtube video of someone making the Korean street food or side dish.

1) Stir Fried Clear Noodles / Japchae / 잡채

Japchae is a thin, clear noodle side dish with mixed vegetables, mushrooms, and beef. What is special about this dish is Read more

5 More Awesome Korean Foods (Main Dishes) pt.2

This list is OUTDATED! I’ve combined all Korean Food lists into this single post.

Who doesn’t like food? One of the things I look forward to the most while traveling, besides visiting UNESCO World Heritage Sites, is the wonderful array of things I can eat in other countries. Korean food does not disappoint with a wide variety of dishes at very affordable prices [mostly]. If you missed my list of top 5 favorite Korean foods, main dishes and snacks/street foods, go here and here (respectively). Here are another 5 dishes to fill up your stomachs.

In no particular order:

1) Pork Belly (bacon) / Samgyeopsal / 삼겹살

Korean Food - Samgyeopsal

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