Ten Hidden Gems in Ten Countries

On the last post, I shared some of my favorite off the beaten path spots in the USA. It is easy to find those kinds of spots in one’s own back yard as it is more comfortable to take risks and explore. Abroad though, it takes some research, a lot of bravery, and a little luck. Here are ten places around the world which are not well traveled, but will completely blow you away.

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Five Hidden Gems in America

The United States is hands down one of the most amazing places to travel. As the third largest country in the world by size and population, adrenaline junkies, road trip lovers, popular culture aficionados, and even those who are looking for places off the grid will never ever be ‘done.’ This list focuses on that last bit, as I too am a big fan of finding places ‘off the beaten path’ which give me a sense of, ‘hey I did something not often done.’ I am trusting you dear reader, to not ruin these places for me as they are some of my favorites!


Channel Islands National Park

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