Five Hidden Gems in America

The United StatesĀ is hands down one of the most amazing places to travel. As the third largest country in the world by size and population, adrenaline junkies, road trip lovers, popular culture aficionados, and even those who are looking for places off the grid will never ever be ‘done.’ This list focuses on that last bit, as I too am a big fan of finding places ‘off the beaten path’ which give me a sense of, ‘hey I did something not often done.’ I am trusting you dear reader, to not ruin these places for me as they are some of my favorites!


Channel Islands National Park

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How To Get To: The Channel Islands National Park

The Channel Islands National Park is one of the least visited parks in the US, despite being so close to Los Angeles. I have a hard time blaming anyone though, since the trouble of even figuring out how to get there gave me a bit of a headache. 300,000 people take a look at the Visitor Center every year but a mere 10% actually go to the islands. Bare with me here as I will repeat myself a lot so that you only read the section that applies to you. Useful numbers, websites, prices, and pictures at the bottom.


I. A Day Trip to the Channel Islands

Step 1: Look for any advisories on the National Park Service official website for the Channel Islands. Certain islands can close without warning for a number of reasons, and this would be on the main page. Alternatively, you could also call the visitor center and ask them atĀ (805) 658-5730. For example, at time of writing, Santa Barbara and San Miguel islands are both closed. Read more

Hiking and Kayaking in Isolation: Channel Islands National Park
Scorpion Harbor from above.
Scorpion Harbor from above.

You want to disconnect for a while. Your idea of relaxation is far away from crowds where you can go on hikes, kayak a while, and maybe even see a few shooting stars. While I highly recommend the National Parks, many of the more popular ones can become crowded if you go during peak season. What you need to find is a place where few venture. You need to look no further than the Channel Islands National Park, just an hour off the coast of Los Angeles. Read more