The Great Korean Road Trip – Day 3 – Oeam Folk Village

Distance Traveled Today: 167km

Distance Traveled Total: 325km

My apologies. I got too caught up fan girling about the dolmens yesterday that I totally forgot about this very honorable mention! Just at the tip of the bridge between Ganghwa Island and Kyodong Island is this nice little  pavilion overlooking a pond of huge lilies. This side of the country doesn’t get many tourists at all, especially in the rain and on a weekday, but I definitely had a few people who were equally impressed and stopped to shoot a few pics.

Must be new because it wasn’t on my map.

Okay on to day 3. Today started very slow because of a monstrous storm we had in the morning. Luckily, I checked the weather the night before and made sure to sleep in. I finally made it out of the north west region of Korea and headed south to Asan, home of saunas apparently. I came to see a place in the UNESCO WHS tentative list, the Oeam Folk Village and let me tell you, it did NOT disappoint. If you’re followed me for a while, you’d know that the folk village of Hahoe is my absolute favorite place in Korea. It seems that we now have a competitor.

You aren’t actually allowed on that bridge.
This is actually the first folk village where I actually saw people tending the farmland.

I was actually completely unaware that more of these folk villages existed outside of Yangdong and Hahoe, so I will definitely be on the look out (I think there’s one more near Suncheon on the southern tip). In any case, this was definitely the highlight. Like the other two, this one is what we call a “living” folk village, with people actively still living here. There is a templestay in what appears to be a very gnarly temple and 4 minbaks if you want to stay the night, but I opted for a cheaper accommodation in town.

Temple in Oeam Folk Village which apparently has a templestay.

Tomorrow, if the weather is good, I am off towards the Taeanhaean Marine National Park. Otherwise, I have to rethink my life…or head south to Gongju. See you later alligators!

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4 thoughts on “The Great Korean Road Trip – Day 3 – Oeam Folk Village

  • July 31, 2019 at 11:35 pm

    You may want to consider a pit-stop at Haemieupseong on your trip to Taeanhaean Marine National Park. There will be an addition (eventually?) to Korea’s tentative list called “Catholic Relics in Chungnam Province” (8 components). Haemi Fortress will be included as numerous Korean catholics were martyred there. Also included is “Gongseri Catholic Church”, which is located in Asan and is quite beautiful.

    • August 2, 2019 at 8:23 am

      Managed to hit up the church but no time for the fortress. Left the beach too late :P. Thanks for the suggestion. I enjoyed the church.

  • August 1, 2019 at 8:58 am

    Korea’s Cultural Heritage Administration has been keen to protect (and promote) more modern heritage sites and potentially seek an official nomination. One or more of these so-called options will likely be pursued by Korea’s cultural heritage representatives in the next couple years. I am unaware of any timetable at this point. The 3rd and 4th option are getting the most traction as far as media reports and seem to have the most progress regarding actual proposals being submitted to CHA.

    1st option – Joseon Efforts to Modernize
    – Late Joseon – Daehan Empire Sites
    – Jeong-dong: Old Legation Quarter (Seoul)

    2nd option – Dark History (Colonialism)
    – Seodaemun Prison
    – Japanese Colonial Buildings – Gunsan

    3rd option – Survival and Refugee Experience
    – Busan Provisional Capital and Refugee Trail

    4th option – Christian Heritage (currently 8 cathedrals/churches are listed as historic sites)
    – Christian Heritage and Martyr Sites of Korea


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