Five Travel Blogs Actually Worth Your Time

I thought about ranting about why some blogs are absolute crap, but I am starting to get a lot more negative than I should be. Instead, let me introduce you guys to some blogs that are actually doing something right. From the useful, to the funny, and to the unconventional, here are my favorites.


5) Aussie on the Road

He also happens to be Santa
He also happens to be Santa

Chris is one of those writers who is not afraid to speak his mind. I don’t expect to agree with a blogger on every single point and he seems to understand that this is a perfectly healthy relationship. On top of that, he is a very down to earth guy who cares about his followers and produces some very interesting posts. From his life in China to being back in Aussie, you will never be bored with this blog.

Favorite Post: Top Travel Blogging Crushes


4) E-Tramping


On top of Agness being a really nice person at heart, I think she is on to something big on her blog. E-tramping is going city to city and showing you how it is possible to spend less than $25 a day. While some cheap countries are easy to do, her resourcefulness and creativity never ceases to amaze me in some of the more expensive towns. I also couldn’t believe Cez wasn’t her boyfriend, but we can’t win em all!

Favorite Post:Disappointment in Pagudpud (because you don’t have to like everything!)


3) FoxNomad

Anil FoxNomad

FoxNomad earns its keep by giving tangible tips on how to make travel easier with technology. Anil’s blog is a constant resource, and I’ll be honest, I secretly look forward to his yearly ‘geek week.’ Another one of the most useful things I learned on here is how to get around those pesky wifi time limits on airports. How cool is that?

Favorite Post: Best Travel Laptops of 2014


2) Wandering Earl


Earl is a full-time traveler who has not lost touch with the rest of the world. He is candid, frank, and loves my birth country of Mexico more than I do! One of the things that kept me hanging on to this blog was how humble he is, despite being possibly one of the most traveled people in the world.

Favorite Post: Chewing Qat


1) Frameless World

I am an airplane filling in for Bino who could not be reached for comments.
I am an airplane filling in for Bino whose picture is top secret.

Bino Caiña is a freelance photographer who has a story you might have heard before about leaving a corporate world and venturing into the world. What is not typical is his incredible photography. Bino’s pictures are those that captivate you for minutes at a time, only to have you move on to the next image and start the process all over again. What makes this blog worthwhile is that he cares about the people he photographs, evident in his writing. His post about the garbage dump in Siem Reap, Cambodia really spoke to me and has taught me that the real story, if often the one that happens behind the scenes.

Favorite Post: Anlong Pi – Life in a Garbage Dump in Cambodia


Bonus: Mirafly

One of Juans Amazing photos
One of Juans Amazing photos

While vising Peru in 2013, we hooked up with an organization known as Awamaki which serves as a collective trying to help the native Quechua (the original people of the Inca) of the region become self-sustainable. Juan was our main liaison and what an incredible story he has to tell. He is from Spain and studied tourism, but gave up a life of working in 5 star hotels in India for a much more noble cause. He wanted to help needy people and eventually ended up in Ollantaytambo, one of the closest towns to Machu Picchu. His photography is incredible and his blog reads more like a personal diary to himself which is a nice change. Unfortunately for the majority of my readers, his blog is in Spanish, but hopefully, you will still give it a shot.

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  • March 8, 2015 at 9:51 pm

    Thanks for the inclusion, mate! Honoured to be included alongside some of my favourite bloggers. Particularly big fan of eTramping!


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