Q & A with Barang Hang, Tuktuk driver in Siem Reap pt.2

[This is a follow-up to yesterday’s post, introducing Barang, the best tuktuk driver in the Angkor area of Siem Reap. If you haven’t read that yet, you should check it out here.]

In an effort to get people connected to Barang, I thought it would be interesting to have a Q&A with him. Barang Hang is a tuktuk driver who was born and raised in the Siem Reap area of Cambodia. He has dedicated himself to becoming the most awesome and handsome tuktuk driver in the world. A bit ambitious, I know.

Barang chilling out
Barang chilling out

Seriously though, I hope this gives you an insight into not only the services that Barang provides, but the kind of person that he is. He has grown to be a dear friend of mine over the years and I am sure he can be yours too. Shall we begin?

[In retrospect, since this was my first Q&A ever, I had no idea what I was doing. If you have suggestions for better questions, make sure to put them in the comments. I have not corrected the grammar or anything from his responses for originality sake.]


Julio: Give us a little introduction to yourself and what you do?

Barang: I was born on 3th of May 1988 in Kok Thnoat village ,Kok Chork COMMUNE , Siem Reap city , Cambodia ,in the countryside

Barang's backyard.
Barang’s backyard.

Julio:  What makes your service different?

Barang: I have been driving tuk tuk since 2005 until now and know all temples in S R and other,good place to visit beside temples .


Julio: Tell us a little about your personal life. I heard you recently got married?

Barang: I have five brother and sisters and I am the fourth child in the family , I got married in 2010 with the girl in the same village ,and I got a sun his name Rooney and my wife’s name Kunthy

Barang's nephew
Barang’s nephew

Julio: What are the best places to visit in Siem Reap? What is the cost of your services?

Barang: Temples Tours Small tour :15$ ( Angkor Wat , Angkor Thom , last Capital city there are a lot of temples inside , Ta Prohm , temple with the trees , Movie temple , And other few more small Temples . Big Tours : 18$ ( Preah Kan temple , Neak Pean temple , Tasom temple , East Mebon temple , Pre Rup temple , Outside Angkor Area Tours : 28$ ( Banteay Srey Temple ,Lady temple , Kbal Spean ,waterfall, Banteay Samre temple . Beng Melea temple 65km :35$ include , Flooded forest Kamporng Pluk village .

(This can be confusing, so I consolidated all of the tours and prices at the bottom)


Julio: Other than Angkor, what are some places you would recommend?

Barang: I also have a countryside tour : visit the village, visit the kids in school, ride the small boat in west Baray lake, See the rice field, ” Transportation, Lunch time, A fresh coconut / person, Small waters, . Start from 2 pax. …., 20$ /person.

 Around town tour and Chorng Kneas village , floating houses : 15$

Barang siem Reap
He is a bad ass too.

Julio: What languages do you speak?

Barang: I can speak Khmer and English


Julio: Could you show around a large group, or what is your group limit?

Barang: 1-4 people


Julio: What is your goal in life?

Barang: a tour guide it is what i really want to do. but it hard for me because did not finish hight school, so tour leader is better, because tour leader i can guide to anywhere and many place in Cambodia. My goal, i want to be a tour guide.

Despite what this sign might tell you, Barang most definitely does NOT like lady-boys (I think)
Despite what this sign might tell you, Barang most definitely does NOT like lady-boys (I think)

Julio: Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your situation in Cambodia? Things to do in Cambodia? or anything else at all?

Barang: This is more thing i have : My service includ : Small cool bottle of waters, Small cool towels.

[Although not part of the interview, Barang did inform me that his house was flooded in the heavy rains this last season.]

Safety first Barang

For your convenience, I have copied and pasted Barang’s contact info and services provided from the yesterday’s post.

Logistics of Barang “the man” Hang


Name: Barang Hang

Reference: Julio Moreno (That is me! He likes to know sometimes)

Facebook: Go here and add him

Website: http://siemreaptuktukservices.webs.com

Phone Number: (855) 097 52 63 927 / 092 62 09 46

Email: hangbarang@yahoo.com

[While all of this info is recent as far as I know, Facebook is probably your best bet for an initial contact.]



(As an option, but you can totally customize your trip to your liking. Just ask him!)

1) Small Temple Tour: 15 USD

  •  Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom (huge area), Ta Phrom, and a few other small temples.


2) Town Tour: 15 USD

  • Around town tour and Chorng Kneas village , floating houses


3) Big Temple Tour: 18 USD

  • Preah Kan temple , Neak Pean temple , Tasom temple , East Mebon temple , Pre Rup temple


4) Outside of Angkor Tour: 28 USD

  • Banteay Srey Temple ,Lady temple , Kbal Spean ,waterfall, Banteay Samre temple . Beng Melea temple (65km)
  • Flooded Forest Kamporng Pluk Village +7 USD

5) Country Side Tour: 20 USD/person

  • Visit a village, visit kids in a school, visit the rice fields, ride a small boat on Baray Lake

[Included Transportation, coconuts, and lunch]

[All tours include cool waters and towels]

[As far as I can tell, all prices are total for the group (1-4 people) unless it says per person. However, don’t kill the messenger. Make sure to make it clear with Barang so that there is no misunderstanding of what you will get. Regardless, his profit margin isn’t very high considering the cost of gasoline in Cambodia, so if you are willing and able, you can surely tip him if you’d like. Totally your call though.]

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  • February 26, 2018 at 11:22 pm

    My daughter, Jessica, loved your tours! We can’t wait to visit Cambodia and sign up with Barang!

    • March 1, 2018 at 6:59 pm

      Great ,, I`m very happy to be your driver guide in Siem Reap Angkor ,Cambodia ,,
      more than happy to sharing my experience & our culture ,, Thank,!!


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