UNESCO Monday #2: Downtown Lima, Peru

Downtown Lima at Night

Officially: Historic Centre of Lima

Taken: July 4, 2013

Place: Lima, Peru

I usually shy away from taking night pictures as I am not very good at it. Maybe it is my lack of knowledge in photography, but I just can’t seem to take a decent picture at night without a tripod of some kind. When I headed for downtown Lima on one of my last nights in Peru, I got there early enough…but all hell broke lose. The long form story will merit its own post, but long story short, student protesters and police countering with tear gas and water cannons caused the historic center to be shut down for the entire afternoon.

I didn’t really expect the uprising, so we decided to lay low in Lima’s China town while things cooled off and my eyes stopped burning. When the crowds dispersed, everything seemed to be back to normal, so we were allowed into the historic center. The buildings that surround the ‘Plaza de Armas’ are bright yellow which made them easily visible even in the night sky with the booming lights that adorn the town square. The planet Venus, which looks like a star in the picture, was also remarkably bright, but I am still surprised that it could be photographed at all.

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