No frills or pretty pictures, just a simple announcement…I… am tired. When I first started this blog about 6 months ago, I was unprepared for what would become of it. I knew for more than a year that I wanted to start something like this, but was completely oblivious to the nitty  gritty things that come with blogging. Just to give you an idea, picture management alone takes up a good 20% of my time with size reduction, watermarking, uploading, captioning, tagging, naming, and getting distracted being huge time wasters. If you are a blogger, you might know what I am talking about.

For a while, I’ve also had this policy of posting every three days and for the most part, I have been consistent. Besides two minor hiccups when I went on a 2 week trip to Peru and when I got sick after visiting Indonesia, I haven’t missed a scheduled post. However, there have been times when I have switched my intended article to finish an easier to write one because the clock was ticking. This was a self-imposed rule, and maybe I am just taking this blogging thing a little too seriously. Yeah, I am definitely taking it too seriously.

I have recently become rather disappointed with the growth of my blog (read, “How Many Views I Got” suck!) and have decided to do something about it. But like everything in life, with big changes come big sacrifices. Therefore, effective immediately, I will reduce the frequency of my posts to once a week. This is sad for me because writing is my favorite part of blogging. I assume this is the same for most bloggers right? Even though I don’t have many followers, I do appreciate the few of you who visit every day (read: Whenever you feel like it and have nothing else to do) and know it will be disappointing for you too. Quite frankly, my day-job only allows for so much time I can set aside for blogging.

Rest assured that this time will not be wasted. Behind the scenes, I will probably be at it as much as I always have been, even if I seem less vocal. These are the changes from my end:

  1. I want to become more involved in the blogging community. Whenever I want to read my favorite blogs but have to choose between that or writing another post, I usually choose the latter. I hope that with more time, I can finally get re-inspired by As We Travel, have a laugh with That Backpacker, or rant again on Man vs. Clock! I missed you guys, and Anthony, your backpack still misses you!!!
  2. I’ll try to guest post when given the chance. For some reason, guest posting brings out the best in me. I don’t know if it is because I know someone will proof read my work, but my posts about “10 things I wish I knew before teaching abroad” (on Art of Adventuring’s blog), “A week in my life” (on The Professional Hobo’s blog), and my “Okinawa Adventure” (on Backpacking-Travel-Blog) have been three of my favorites. Wait, is it weird that I have favorites of my own writing? Yes…yes it is…Anyways…
  3. I’ll be a bit more active on my FB page and Twitter feed. For starters, I haven’t really regulated my twitter feed, which gets a little  bit too much spam for comfort. Also, Google plus seems like the way of the future so maybe I should figure out how it actually works.
  4. MORE YOUTUBE! I do have a youtube channel and it sucks big time. I actually don’t think I have a single subscriber yet (be the first). Sad… but it is my fault. For a while, the quality of my videos stunk, and still stinks. I will work on trying to make better videos so maybe a couple of people will will themselves to watch them!
  5. I’ll mix it up. I noticed this morning that I’ve talked about Angkor to death. I love the place and I’m sure many other people do too, but I didn’t realize how 5 posts would drag out to half a month. Anyways, I won’t do that again!
  6. I’ll sleep more.
  7. More food lists! People seem to enjoy the Korean food lists. I like eating the food required to make the lists, so it is win-win!

Anyways… I rambled a bit too much. Now that my McDonald’s delivery is here (you heard right), it is time for me to go.

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