Five Things I (and Probably You) Forget To Bring on a Trip

If you are like me, you probably have a master list to cross reference the things you should bring on a trip. For whatever reason, no matter how many of these lists I have, I always seem to forget something. To be honest, I have never forgotten anything important like my passport, my wallet, or money. Nevertheless, these are five things that would definitely come in handy if you remember to bring on your trip:


5) Earplugs


This is one of those items that once you have them, you will wonder how you ever coped without them. On my trip to Peru a few weeks ago, I had a long layover in Miami and went to the Everglades National Park. I went on one of those air boats that are so famous in the area, which also happen to be extremely noisy. They gave us complimentary earplugs which I saved just in case I needed them later. They proved invaluable in Peru as it drowned out all the noise from the other people in the hostel when I was trying to sleep. I didn’t realize until I lost them mid-trip how much I was relying on them. Sleeping abroad is easy enough, but much easier with a pair of earplugs.

4) Pens

Pens - things I forget

When you are traveling to another country, you always fit into one of two categories. You are either the person asking your neighbors if you could borrow their pen, or you are the person being asked. Half of the entire airplane seems to forget about those pesky custom forms that need to be filled out. To make matters worse, it seems that the flight crews from every airline have conspired to give the same answer, “Oh, I am not sure if I have one, I will go check.” Who can blame you for forgetting a pen as it is not exactly high on the priority list. As you can probably tell, I am usually the asking type. One thing that puzzles me though is: How is it possible that airplanes can come fully stocked with multiple varieties of whisky that have been aged for 21 years and can’t seem to pack a couple of extra pens? I think a thousand-dollar plane ticket might entitle me to get a complimentary pen or something. Until that day comes, pack a pen. Now that I think about it, pack two.


3) Flip Flops

Flip Flips - Things I forget

Unless I am going to the beach, when I see this item on my master list, I think, “Nah, I don’t need these,” and quickly hit delete. It is not until I arrive at my destination that I remember how gross shared bathrooms can be. I am not really a germophobe at all, but even private hotel bathrooms are kind of nasty to step on with your bare feet. Do yourself a favor and pack a solid pair of flip flops for the shower or the beach. You will feel a lot cleaner, and your feet will thank you by staying disease-free.

2) Phone Charger

Charger - Things I forget

I’ve had the good fortune of always owning a phone with a decent battery life. Because of this, I have never been one to carry around my phone charger. When I see “phone” on my list, I often forget the charger, and spend a good amount of my mental energy thinking of  creative ways to use the phone while preserving battery at the same time. Thankfully, these days, phone chargers are becoming standardized, so finding a replacement shouldn’t be too hard if you really need one. But, save yourself some money and don’t forget your charger.


1) Deodorant

Deodorant - Things I forget

The #1, most important thing I often forget to bring on a trip is my deodorant. I usually have all of my toiletries in a ready to go bag in my bathroom which I can just grab and pack on a second’s notice. Deodorant, unfortunately, is not something that fits in this bag, so I have to remember to pack it separately. Now, before you feel bad for me, don’t. When I forget my deodorant, I feel bad for you. If Julio is smelly, everybody loses! There are a number of miscellaneous brands of deodorants laying around my house because if I forget, I quickly buy one as soon as possible. This is really one thing you DON’T WANT TO FORGET.

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    Good impormation!! besides I like your pictures.;-)


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