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With a Mediterranean coastline, glorious year-round climate and buckets of fun in the sun, a holiday in Tunisia makes for a fantastic summer escape. Of course Tunisia is rich in culture too, and any visit here is a chance to discover its wonderful heritage and dive into its captivating culture.

For the ultimate island escape, Djerba is a fantastic sun-drenched hideaway. It’s relatively new on the Tunisian holiday scene, but it has wasted no time in scoring plenty of plus points with sun-seekers. Boasting long white sandy beaches, sparkling shores and glorious island scenery, Djerba is a fabulous Mediterranean escape.

For something a little more buzzing, try the resort of Sousse. Rich in heritage and bathed in year-round sunshine, Sousse serves up a wonderful blend of modern beach escape with a traditional Tunisian lifestyle. With its Roman ruins, white-washed houses and classic North African architecture, not to mention its spectacular and historic medina – a cobweb of ancient winding alleyways and streets that has earned its place in the UNESCO heritage books – Sousse is a pretty impressive place.

And if you really want to get away from it all, you can’t beat Dar el Said. With rustling palm trees and an idyllic, laid-back lifestyle, Dar el Said ticks all the right boxes.

Getting to Tunisia is easy, thanks to a network of tour operators providing package holidays to this fantastic corner of the world. When you travel to Tunisia with a mainstream tour operator, your transport essentials including return flights and local resort transfers will be included, along with nightly accommodation. You’ll also have the services of a locally based representative, who can offer advice on local tours and trips so you can really get the most out of this soul-stirring destination.

With so much to see and do, when will you discover Tunisia?

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Julio is a California native who has lived abroad since 2009 as an expat in South Korea and New Zealand. He is especially passionate about experiencing other cultures and visiting as many UNESCO World Heritage Sites as possible.
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