How To Be a Douchebag Photographer

The spring of 2007 marked my 21st birthday and of course, I celebrated with a memorable trip to Las Vegas. The weekend (which landed on spring break no less) is still fresh on my mind, not because I did something crazy. It also marks the day my mother bought me my first point and shoot camera, a Panasonic Lumix.

Fast forward to 2010 when I purchased my first DSLR. It was $900 total with extra batteries and carrying case. Maybe a little steep, but it was then that I realized something very important. Even a ‘professional camera’ was now affordable to a guy like me. I rejoiced at the thought that the layman would soon fill our internets with wonderful pictures from around the world.

Unfortunately, the cheap camera revolution has caused as much harm as good. While we do have stunning pictures by otherwise amateurs, contrary to popular belief, a camera doesn’t make a douchebag into an ‘artsy’ person. It just creates a ‘douche photographer.’ If you want to catch on this trend, check out these tips on how to be one too!

 TL;DR: Cheap cameras lead to idiots with cameras.


1) Take a Group Picture in a Crowded Area

Looks like a good spot for a group pic guys.
Looks like a good spot for a group pic guys.

Visiting¬† one of the most popular places in the world? No problem. Who cares is there is barely any room to move around, YOU have a camera and THEY don’t. Your group will never remember this moment unless you take 10 minutes getting into the right pose. Just make sure you wave your hands frantically to get everyone else out of the way. Done, but it wasn’t perfect? Take another, no one will mind.


2) Take A Close up of that Local

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