Chaco Culture

Pueblo KivaVisited: Mar. 2014

Site Type: Cultural

Inscribed: 1987

Background and Opinion:

Visiting the Chaco Culture National Historical Park is probably not the first UNESCO World Heritage Site that comes to mind. Do you know how I know? Only one hundred and twenty three of you guys bothered to come. That is correct 123!

Pueblo Bonito

Okay, it is time to start making some sense. Chaco Culture NHP gets, on average, a miniscule 123 visitors per day, one of the lowest for a National Park Service land and World Heritage Site which prompted National Geographic to rank it in its Top 10 Underappreciated National Parks. I must say that its lack of people definitely contribute to the wonderful experience that comes with visiting this amazing place.


A top view of the Pueblo Bonito Great House.
A top view of the Pueblo Bonito Great House.

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