UNESCO Monday #13: My ‘Point of View’ on Hospicio Cabañas

Hospicio Cabañas Horse

Is this a masterpiece?

What is your favorite painting? If you are a very artsy person, that might be kind of difficult to answer. For the average Joe like me though, we come up with a list of well known paintings by well known ‘masters’ of the European Renaissance Era or some guy named Van Gogh. Paintings like the ‘Starry Night,’ ‘The Last Supper,’ and the ‘Birth of Venus’ are definitely worthy of attention, no one is disputing that, but what makes them ‘masterpieces?’ Is it that they are really that good, or do we feel that way because everyone else has told us that they are? Read more

UNESCO Monday #10: You Lose, You Die at Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza Ball Game

Losing, failing, being defeated! There is no nice way to say it and in today’s sporting world, not measuring up to expectations could be the end of your career. Teams want to win and they want to win now. While we might think that the stakes are higher now than ever, at the end of the day, athletes still have their millions of dollars, their families, and their health. Losing a ball game for the ancient Maya had slightly higher stakes however. Lose the game, lose your head. Read more