Five AMAZING places you are FORBIDDEN from visiting

No one can ever go to every single corner of the earth, and in fact, no one ever has (that we know of). Even Donald M Parrish Jr, who has been rated as the most traveled person in the world has only been to 96% of the planet’s territories. While most of us have come to terms that we will only dream of being to as many places as Mr. Parrish, we would like to believe that we could at least go to the places we really really REALLY want to visit if we set our minds to it right (really)? ¬†Everything is possible if we try our best…or so we are told. Not so fast cowboy, as there are some places that are so limited, chances are, you will never be allowed to visit. Here are some of the most amazing, fantastic, and mind-blowing places that you will likely never visit. You might want to get a box of tissues for this list.

#5 Giant Crystal Cave, Mexico

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