A 2,200-Mile American Road Trip in 50 pictures

After completing a 2,200-mile American road trip solo across the great southwest, my mind is blown. It was not until moving abroad that I came to appreciate the nature and cultural wonders that our great country has to offer. The United States of America is just bursting with so many, that it is hard to explain with words. Many of these places I didn’t even know existed until recently. Here is a run through of my trip in pictures. I start and end in the same suburb of Mira Loma, California.


Mile 77

Interstate 15 (near Barstow, CA)

i-15 - American Roadtrip
Just outside of civilization is a wonderful bridge where you can take in this view. It is a corridor on i-15 where people are coming and going to Nevada.


Mile 109

Calico Ghost Town (near Barstow, CA)

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