UNESCO Monday #12: Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s Fountain of Youth

Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor WM

“You won’t believe it until you see it!”

If you have been following this blog for a while, you would know that one of the things I dislike more than anything (when it comes to travel) is over-inflated hype. I like an honest assessment more than anything, which is the reason why I started the idea of ranking world heritage sites in the first place. The Terracotta Army definitely lives up to the hype.

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Sado Island: Beautiful Town, Crystal Water, and Dinosaurs?

Sado Island is one of those locations that you have probably never heard of, but won’t regret visiting. While the beaches are not intended for swimming, no one is stopping you so go ahead, kick off those sandals and run in the water because it doesn’t get much cleaner than this. However, you might find yourself as the only one splashing about…

Sado Panoramic

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Gochang, Hwasun, and Ganghwa Dolmen Sites
A four column dolmen.
A four column “checker-board” dolmen.

Location: Gochang, Hwasun, and Ganghwa, South Korea (3 locations)
Visited: June, 2012 and Sept, 2013
Site Type: Cultural
Inscribed: 2000


Opinion and Background:

I know what you are thinking… what the heck is a dolmen?

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UNESCO Monday #9: Guanajuato – The City Without Cars

Guanajuato Town Center

Travel tips from a local? That seems to be a trend these days, and one I don’t fully buy as locals aren’t travel wizards that magically know where all the best spots are. But it is hidden gems like Guanajuato that have made this trend so huge, as it is a fantastic place mostly traveled by local Mexicans. Read more