Indonesia Itinerary: Visiting Komodo Dragons

“The island of Komodo in Indonesia. Remote and Barren. Few people live here. It is ruled by a giant reptile. It looks like a survivor from the age of the dinosaurs. The Komodo dragon. Nine feet long. A top predator. Only one thing can challenge a dragon’s dominance. Another dragon.” -David Attenborough

He smells something.

Some people remember the lines of their favorite movie. Others memorize the touching lyrics of a song that speaks to their heart. I recall these words, the introduction to a place that has fascinated me for the last couple of years. After first learning about Komodo Island from BBC’s Life series on the animal kingdom, I was hooked, intrigued, maybe even a little obsessed. Read more

Machu Picchu Bound! My Peru Itinerary

Just as this article gets posted, I will be hopping on a plane bound to Peru. Well actually, that is not entirely true as I have two stops in the USA. I haven’t been in US soil for almost three years, so I am really looking forward to it. My major layover is in Miami, Florida, a part of the country I have always wanted to visit, but never got around to it. Here is a rundown of my Peru itinerary, in the hopes of inspiring others to plan ahead, get out, and explore.

[cetsEmbedGmap src=,-74.047852&spn=5.360184,10.821533&sll=-10.293301,-76.102295&sspn=2.702136,5.410767&geocode=FfoYSP8dFbNp-w%3BFVcTMv8dILm0-w%3BFQr9Nv8dYB2s-w%3BFaCmHf8dQcyI-w%3BFTRDKf8duEV8-w%3BFapwSP8dkSBo-w%3BFawRW_8dbWBe-w&mra=mi&mrsp=6&sz=8&t=m&z=7 width=700 height=500 marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 frameborder=0 scrolling=no]

June 22

* Arriving in Read more

Ancient Rome Adventure and My Detailed Italy Itinerary

I have a sneaking suspicion that people don’t really dislike the idea of a planned out trip, they just hate the work that comes with the ‘planning’ part of it. Many hard core travelers rave about how they just ‘go with the flow’ without plans and see where that takes them. Some of them even shun the idea of planning as ‘not real traveling,’ evident in this forum discussion. I like that idea too, but I like to have a back up plan as the pieces don’t always fall into place. I have seen countless of these travelers searching for things to do in the hostel they are staying in during the trip! To me, this is a complete waste of time which could be spent actually enjoying a new place. Trust me, you don’t want to be that guy who spends his day staring at a map and trying to figure it out the day of.

Recently, I was looking at my old pictures and found one of a map of Italy. It was a Google map which I made during the brainstorming part of my summer of 2012 trip to the land of Ancient Rome. When I was about to hit delete, I thought, “this is the kind of thing I wish I could find online to give me an idea of potential travel routes.” Then, it hit me, why not post my Italy itinerary of what I did on that trip, in the hopes that someone will find it useful, or entertaining at the very least.

Here is my Italy itinerary, with a map of my route along with a short run through of what happened.

[Note: Because I was traveling with my mother and brother, the itinerary was a lot more rigid than I prefer. Nonetheless, it went great!]

The Actual Route I Took:

[cetsEmbedGmap src=,12.282715&spn=8.888613,21.643066&sll=45.437008,12.335587&sspn=0.130812,0.338173&geocode=FSy0RgIdOE7IAA%3BFSxTOQIdmU_PAA%3BFXCHbwIdv_jZAA%3BFSCCfwIdyuC-AA%3BFft0mwIdVUmrAA%3BFarTmgIdsmqeAA%3BFc_qtQIdXn2MAA%3BFf5itQIdl-q7AA&mra=mi&mrsp=7&sz=12&t=m&z=6 width=700 height=500 marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 frameborder=0 scrolling=no]


July 28th

* Fly to Bologna, Italy for an overnight layover – This went as planned, with no time to Read more