This is part of the 2013 OUTDATED LIST! For the most up to date TOP 50 things to do in Seoul, go here.

#20 Cheonggyecheon / Cheonggye Stream / 청계천*

Uh oh! There is an asterisk already on the first entry. When I first made this list, the Cheonggye Stream didn’t even crack my top 30. It is a nice little stream that runs along the top half of Seoul, but nothing extraordinary. So what made me change my mind? I remembered how the stream transforms during the lotus and lantern festivals. Twice a year (once in May, once in November), the Cheonggye Stream is decorated with huge lanterns in celebration of those festivals. There is also a parade of lanterns near the stream that passes in front of Jonggak Station (#16), but this way, you can see them at your own pace. If you visit Seoul during one of these festivals, make sure to pass by this stream at night time, and of course, don’t miss the parade!

#19 Seoul Fortress Wall (starting at Hyehwamun / Hyehwa Gate / 혜화문) Read more