Seven Skills That Can Aid You In Your Travels

Hello everyone. I have been taking a lax approach to this blog, but I’d rather post nothing than post crap, so I hope you forgive me.

This list is something I have thought a lot about to myself, but didn’t realize how useful it would be to let people know how some every day skills and hobbies could seriously aid you with your travels.

First thing is first, a lot of these are from an economic point of view because let’s face it, if you gotz da cheese, you ain’t need no skillz :).

Anyways, here they go!

7) Vehicle Mechanics

You don't have to be a pit stop guy either.
You don’t have to be a pit stop guy either.

When I was little, my dad always wanted me to help him in his attempts to fix the car. He wasn’t particularly good, I think we were just too poor to afford a proper mechanic for basic service. I am also aware that the previous sentence was a comma splice. These days, I wish I hadn’t been to whiny and paid attention. While I can change a tire, jump start a car, and check fluids, my skills kind of tapper off beyond that. If you are good at fixing cars and motorcycles, epic trips like the “Mongol Rally” become far less scary. Read more