UNESCO Monday #8: The Very Hungry Komodo Dragon

Standing Komodo Dragon

On our very first UNESCO Monday guest post, we welcome a picture from my very own girlfriend, Sidney (EunKyoung ) Choi. This is a picture I practically begged for as she captured my favorite moment of Komodo National Park through her camera while I was busy filming. This is how she describes the fantastic experience.

It was my first trip ever to South East Asia, and even though I am also  from Asia, it was totally new to me. There was the super clean sea water that was so clear, I could even see the bottom of the ocean. The untouched nature, especially the wild animals in a national park (in the national park where I live, you’re lucky if you can see squirrels or frogs), was amazing, strange, and exciting. One of my days in Indonesia, I went to Rinca Island in Komodo National Park to see Komodo dragons. Since the guide said it is not that easy to run into a dragon on the trails, I didn’t expect that much, but I guess we were lucky. The one we saw was injured and barely moved, but it was enough to be amazed.

On our way out of the trekking,  we found this Komodo near the ‘kitchen.’ There were about 7~8 Komodo dragons trying to get some food from the ranger kitchen. I know it doesn’t sound like something one of the scariest predators in the world would be doing, but yeah, that was exactly what they were up to. It was actually the dry season on the island, so they needed to find some food out of the trails.I found this dragon to be the most desperate one as it was even standing up looking for the food. He kept standing for a while, and that was the moment I realized that Komodo dragons can actually stand up. It is pretty amazing, but kind of cute, isn’t it?

Sidney Choi is a relatively new blogger who accompanies me on as many trips abroad as possible. She recently started her own blog in her native language, Korean. Her fantastic pictures and story telling are reason enough to check it out, even if you don’t understand Korean script. Hey, it’s not like I am biased or anything.

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How the Heck do you get to Komodo NP?!

You have seen the footage on BBC’s series ‘Life,’ read my evaluation article telling you how awesome it is, and have convinced yourself that this is a place you just HAVE TO SEE with your own eyes… hmm… now what?

Finding information on the logistics of how to get to Komodo National Park wasn’t easy, and I must say that some of the information I read was outdated. As Komodo’s popularity is continuously increasing, the logistics are ever changing and the latest news is necessary. These are the steps to take if you want to visit Komodo National Park the fastest way possible, without breaking the bank: Read more

Komodo National Park

Dragon - Komodo National ParkLocation: (near) Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

Visited: July 30-Aug 1, 2013

Site Type: Natural Site

Special Notes:  To properly evaluate this site, I have decided to judge it based on its beauty on the land, in the sea, and through the air. I saw it by land by visiting both Rinca and Komodo Islands on a 2 day 1 night live-aboard boat. The water portion consisted of four snorkeling sites along the way, and a separate scuba diving tour. Finally, the air evaluation is based on the amazing views on our fly over into and exiting Labuan Bajo airport.

Background and Opinion:

Wow…. period. Read more

Indonesia Itinerary: Visiting Komodo Dragons

“The island of Komodo in Indonesia. Remote and Barren. Few people live here. It is ruled by a giant reptile. It looks like a survivor from the age of the dinosaurs. The Komodo dragon. Nine feet long. A top predator. Only one thing can challenge a dragon’s dominance. Another dragon.” -David Attenborough

He smells something.

Some people remember the lines of their favorite movie. Others memorize the touching lyrics of a song that speaks to their heart. I recall these words, the introduction to a place that has fascinated me for the last couple of years. After first learning about Komodo Island from BBC’s Life series on the animal kingdom, I was hooked, intrigued, maybe even a little obsessed. Read more