Myanmar in 50 Pictures

From the moment I stepped off the airplane in Mandalay, I knew this country would be special. There were no sidewalks to walk on, the palace¬†looked like it was falling apart, and the bus, didn’t drop us where it was supposed to (of course). Nevertheless, the long walk to our hotel was met with dozens of friendly smiles as I was taught my first Burmese word, “mingalaba” (hello). The warmth of the Burmese people is in every corner of the country from the ultra popular Bagan to the seldom traveled Kayah State.

I could go on and on about how much I love Myanmar, but thought it would be best to let pictures tell the story. This is a compilation of my 50 favorite pics of the trip to make up for the terribly inconsistency of this blog as of late (sorry guys). As a sign of my apologies, there is a small giveaway at the bottom of this post too so keep reading.


Pointing Buddha Mandalay
The Giant Pointing Buddha on Mandalay Hill.
Sunset Mandalay Hill
Sunset on Mandalay Hill.

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