Catch-22…that’s what travel blogs are. They’re unfair!

Before you have been anywhere, why start a blog? What will you write about? Have you even experienced anything worth blogging about? If you waited until you traveled a while, what happens to all of those past stories? Will people really want to read about something you did years ago? Will you even remember? I am starting this “Travel Tales” section of my blog in an attempt to recall past travel adventures. My regular WHS posts are impersonal, and while I am okay with that, it is only part of me. I want to teach people about World Heritage Sites and while I love the growth of TravelWorldHeritage so far, I also want to share a more personal side of me. These “Travel Tales” will hopefully share what happened, beyond the monuments.

Travel Tales #1: My First Travel Experience Ever – The Grand Canyon with Abraham

If you look at my list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites I have visited, you will find that I started traveling later than most. Many other bloggers have stories of how their family was huge on travel and how they went on trips all the time. I didn’t. I never went anywhere. Besides a single trip to Mexico, which was mostly to see family, I didn’t even leave my home state of California until I was nineteen!

Me at nineteen, evident by how much hair I have.

It was my sophomore year of college and I wanted to have an adventure. Something in me had suddenly triggered, and I kept pushing my best friend Abraham to go with me. I was not yet the type to do anything by myself, and like most people that age, I had conversations with my friends about pseudo trips we would “take some day.” While I still have such a list of trips to take, I never imagined that I would actually, “do that too.” We were all talk. Even when I had the money, spring break came and went and I was satisfied with visiting the town bowling alley. Yeah, yeah, maybe I was lame.
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