Five more AMAZING places you are FORBIDDEN for visiting

The last list of amazing places you can’t visit has thus far been my most successful list, so why not make another?! As the world develops and gets smaller every day, the places you CAN’T visit are actually becoming few and far between. Nevertheless, there are some more incredibly difficult or near impossible places you’d love to visit, but simply can’t. Let’s get started shall we?


5) Saint Helena


The name might ring a bell, but high school history was so long ago, you probably forgot. St. Helena is an island (as many on this list are) between Brazil and Africa in the South Atlantic Ocean. As one of the most remote places on earth, it was where Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled to spend the rest of his days after nearly conquering the whole of Europe. It has been UK territory for centuries and is said to be one of the most pristine examples of Georgian architecture. In addition, it is also a Gold Tier “Dark Sky.”


Let’s Get Going!

Well, technically you can, if you have a ton of time and money. The voyage can only be done on the RMS St. Helena which leaves from Cape Verde. The cost is a bit over $3200 for the cheapest cabin and takes about 18 days. That doesn’t take into account the time and money to get to Cape Verde in the first place. Safe to say, this little luxury will cost in the neighborhood of 4k. An airport is under construction which should make it more accessible, but for us simpletons, it remains forbidden.

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