Here are some great blogs for you to consider in the time proven “alphabetical order” method. If you see your blog here without a proper description, or if you would like your own blog added to this list, feel free to email me at maximuz04[at]gmail[dot]com. These are only independent blogs, and not commercial sites.


1000 Lonely Places – (Blog about some of the best places to visit in the world.)

2backpackers (Traveling blog with detailed guides focusing on Latin America. I have referenced them greatly on my upcoming trip to Peru.)


360globaltravel – (Trying to capture every side of traveling.)


A Crafty Traveler

Active Backpacker

Art of Backpacking (Awesome site with years worth of posts. Their recent addition of the Big Map of Posts has been my single favorite addition.)

Active Planet Travels (My personal favorite thing about this site has to be the stunning landscape pictures.)

A Dangerous Business


Adventures South Australia

Alex in Wanderland (Adventurous girl with a lot of scuba related posts)

Ali’s Adventures

A Little Adrift

All About Abroad

All Colores

All Over the Map

Always Trekking

America For Travelers

America Travel Destination Guide

Am I There Yet?

Anywhere But Home

A Place To Search

Arctic Nomad

Around Cambodia

Around The World in 80 Jobs

Asia Travel Tales

Aspiring Backpacker

As We Travel

A Taste of Travel

A Traveller’s Journey

Aussie on the Road

A View To A Thrill

As We Travel (Awesome travel blog featured in many publications. One of my personal favorites)

A Traveller’s Journey

Aussie on the Road

A View To A Thrill


Backpack Me

Backpacker Banter

Backpacking Bali

Backpacking Spirit

Backpacking Travel Blog (Awesome insight into a couple, Samuel [from Nomadic Samuel] and Audrey [That Backpacker], who travel the world together. For any aspiring traveler who is currently in a relationship, this is a great blog to see how it really can work.)

Backpacks and Bunkbeds

Backpack with Brock

Bacon Is Magic

Bamboo Butterfly

Banana Roti

Beers & Beans

Belize Adventure

Best Hotels To Stay (An interesting approach to travel blogging, showing you the best places to stay around the world.)

Be My Travel Muse

Be On The Road

Best Family Travel Advise (A travel blog for those of us crazy enough to travel with entire families! No longer can our circumstances hold us back, so log on and read up cos traveling with family is 4 times the fun!)

Bitten By The Travel Bug

Bohemian Trails

Bookmark Travel

Borderless Travels

Born 2 Travel

Breakaway Backpacker

Bridges and Balloons

Britain For Travellers

Britain Outdoors

Britain Travel Destination Guide

Bucket List Journey

Budget Travel Intentions

Budget Travel Talk

Budget Travel Tips

Butterfly Diary


Candice Does the World

Canucking Abroad

Capital of Peru

Captain and Clark

CC Food Travel

Cecily Travel

Chasing the Unexpected

Cheapest Way To Travel HQ

Che On The Road

Chicagoland Food Blog

Chicky Bus

China Adventurer

City Gal On The Go

Colleen Brynn Travels

Confessed Travelholic

Couple Travel Tips

Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler

Ctrl Alt Travel

Culture Shapers


Daily Dose Latin America

Daily Propaganda

David M Byrne

Departing Melbourne – Lighthearted travel narrative blog about holidays including a What’s on Directory

Destination Saavy

Discovering Ice

Discover Your Indonesia

Discover Your Honeymoon

Don’t Ever Look Back

Don’t Fly Go

Don’t Stop Living

Don’t Worry Just Travel

Dream EuroTrip


Earth Torch

Easy Travel

Eating Thai Food

Eat Your World

Edgy Mix

Emily in Chile

Escaping Abroad Travel Blog

eTramping – “Pack lite, travel far, and live long” is the motto that describes the lifestyle of travel bloggers Cez and Agnes who travel around the world on less than $25 per day while sharing the world with you on their blog!

E Travel Blog

Eurail Travels

Europe 4 Travellers

Europe Travel Destination Guide

Evaser Lifestyle

Everything-Everywhere (The author, Gary Arndt is as passionate about world heritage sites as I am, if not more so. This is a great resource of an established blogger that travels full time!)

Expat Edna

Explore Midlands

Exploring Mama Africa (Awesome articles about Africa, including some cool tips on how to go into the Sahara Desert)




Film & Travel

Finding the Universe

First Time Travels

Flashpacker Family

Flavor of San Diego

Flip Nomad

Flora the Explorer

Four Jandals

FoXnoMad (One of my favorites. Anil has some great travel hacks)

Frameless World

Francis Tapon

From a traveller’s desk

Further Bound


Gamble Forever

Geotraveler’s Niche

Getting Stamped

Ginger Nomads

Global Grasshopper

Global Travel Guide

Globetrotter Girls


Going Abroad

Going Homeless Project


Green and Turquoise

Groove Traveler

Grounded Traveler

Grrrl Traveler

GQ Trippin


Haute Compass

Heather on her Travels


Hike Bike Travel

Hole In The Donut Cultural Travel

Holiday Backpack

Holidays in Egypt

Holiday Travels Guide

Holiday Vacations Guide

Honeymoon Holidays

Hot Spot Journal

How To Travel With Pets


I’m Not Home

Imperative Travel

Indefinite Adventure

Inspiring to Travel

Insured For Travel

I Should Log Off

iTravel iShoot iPhone

It’s Lovely Annie Travel Blog


Jay Daviot

Jessie on a Journey

Journey Scout

Journey Tom

Journey with Jess Jones

Justin Was Here


Kaleidoscopic Wandering

Kaypacha Travels

Kevin Kato

Kingdom Animals (A very simple nature photo blog written by yours truly. The Nature Picture of the Week section was discontinued on ‘Travel World Heritage,’ and moved to this site as a stand alone venture. I try to post one of my best animal or plant pictures 2-3 times a week with a brief explanation. Can you name that animal?)

Kyle the Vagabond 


L’appel du Vide

Lateral Movements

Latin Destinations

Laura the Explorer

Lee Abbamonte

Lifecruiser Travel Blog

Little Yayas

Live Less Ordinary

Live Travel See

Liz en España

LL World Tour

Love Live London

Low Cost RTW

Luxury Travel Blog


Mai Travel Site

Man on the Lam

Melted Stories

Midwestern Adventures



Monkeys and Mountains

Ms Traveling Pants

My Friend From Zurich

My Spanish Adventure

My Travel Affairs


Never Ending Voyage

New Travel Co

News Traveller

New York London Flights

Nomadic American

Nomadical Sabbatical

Nomadic Notes 

Nomadic Photos

Nomadic Samuel (Awesome site of a blogger who spend a lot of time in South Korea [as I have]. He is currently traveling the world with his girlfriend Audrey from “That Backpacker”.)

Nylon Flights


Off The Beaten Path Travel

On and Off the Gringo Trail

Oneika the Traveller


On My Walkabout

Operation 421

Ordinary Traveler 

Our Oyster

Outstanding Places

Over Yonderlust


Pack Your Passport 

Paramount Travel Blog 

Philippine Travel Forum

Photos from Colombia

Places For Tour

Plane News 

Pommie Travels

Practical Adventurology

Prohl Travel



Quiet Wanderings


Reclaiming My Future

Regular Wino

Road Forks


Romancing The Planet

RTW Backpackers

RTW Budget

RTW Gap Year

RTW Travel Guide

Runaway Brit

Runaway Guide


Santa Fe Travelers

Sarah Somewhere

Seattle’s Travels

Secret Traveller

See My Travels

Seek Your Trip

Senior Travel Guides


Short Travel Tips 

Sick on the Road

Simple ESL

Singapore Guide Online

Single Travel Blog

Sit Down Disco

Smiling Faces Travel Photos (Tries to capture the generosity and hospitality that is represented when a stranger welcomes you with a friendly smile).

Solo Female Traveler

Solo Friendly

So Many Places

Someday I’ll Be There 

Some Sojourns

Somewhere Or Bust

South America Tourist

South America Tourist Attractions

Southwest Compass

Special Holidays Guide

Spunky Girl Monologues

Start To Run

Stop Having A Boring Life

Stranded Passengers

Strange Lands

Streaks of Light

Strux Travel

Suitcase and Heels

SuitQais Diaries

Sunshine and Sails (Dedicated to seaborne adventures, enchanting river cruises and once in a lifetime dream voyages)

Suzy Guese


Tanama Tales

Teach English Travel Overseas

Tech Guide For Travel


Tend to Travel

That Backpacker (Audrey has a flair for writing. I especially enjoy that her posts start as a conversation “there is a place in…” Her personal charm and honesty keeps you coming back to read more.)

The Adventures of D

The Asian Persuasion

The Big Fat World

The Big Travel Theory

The Constant Rambler

The Cubicle Renegade

The Dromomaniac

The Ego Tripper

The Euro Lifestyle

The Flying Fugu

The Global Traveler

The Jungle Princess

The Last Stop

The Loaded Handbag

The Lost Backpack

The Mellyboo Project

The Minute Tour 

The Pinay Solo Backpacker

The Planet D

The Planet Hoppers

The Professional Hobo (“Traveling full-time in a financially sustainable way”  I stumbled upon this blog before I was even a blogger myself. It was my first taste on how someone can actually make a living while traveling full-time. It has great articles, including my all-time favorite about “breaking up while traveling“)

The Prague Wanderer

The Road Dog Blog

The Road To Anywhere

The Time-Crunched Traveler

The Travelers Blog

The Travel Pixie

The Travel Republic

The Traveller World Guide

The Traveling Dutchman

The Traveling Fool

The Working Traveller

The World Is Waiting

The World Or Bust

There And Back Again Travel

There’s No Place Like Oz

This Way To Paradise

Todd’s Wanderings

Toot’n Towns USA

Top 100 Experiences

Top 100 Travel Blogs

Top Holiday Destinations (Interesting posts about top travel destinations.)

Top Spot Travel

Tourism Picks

Tourist 2 Townie 

Trail of Ants

Travel Addicts 

Travelbllgr ( A kiwi and a pom with a passion for budget travel. They spend every spare minute of their time exploring new places and sharing their adventures, travel tips, and inspiration on their budget travel blog.)

Travel & Tourism Guide

Travel Bay

Travel Blog

Travel Blog Advice

Travel Blog USA

Travel Bloggers Guide

Travel Bytez

Travel Chica

Travel City Breaks

Travel Daily Fix

Travel Destination Bucket List


Traveler Ahoy 



Travel Infographics

Traveling and Digging Art

Travelling Blogger

Traveling Canucks

Travel Destination

Traveling in Focus

Travelling King

Traveling 9 to 5

Traveling Liz

Traveling Round The World

Traveling Savage 

Traveling Ted

Traveling with a Camera

Traveling With Kids

Travelling With Me

Travelistic Travel Blog 



Travel Maestro

Travel Magazine

Travel ‘n’ Wellness


Travel Past 50

Travel Photography Tips

Travel Rinse Repeat

Travel Sex Life

Travel Reportage 

Travel The Middle East

Travel the World for Free

Travel This Earth

Travel Thru Las Vegas

Travel Thru Massachusetts

Travel Thru San Diego

Travel Times Mag

Travel Transmissions


Travel with Kids Blog


Trip Bloggers Central




Trips Around Europe

Tropical Nomad

True Nomads

True Travellers Society

Twenty Something Travel

Two Backpacks One World

Two Bad Tourists

Two Thirsty Travellers


Ultimate House Sitting Guide

Under The Same Sun 

United States Tourist Attractions


Vacation Lifestyle

Vegas Travel Source 

Very Well Being 

Villa Dream Vacations

Visa Nerd (Government sites give you facts, Visa Nerd gives you the real experience when dealing with visas)

Visit Ilocandia

Volunteer Leaders



Wandering Albatross

Wandering Trader Travel Blog 


Wanderlusting Life


Way Away

Ways of Wanderers

We Said Go Travel 

Will Peach

Wonderful Malaysia 

World Family Travellers 

World For Travelers 

World Leading Vacations

World Travel Buzz 

World Travel Destination Guide 

World Walk About 

World Wide Travel Guide 


[nothing ):]


A Year In Motion

Young Snowbird

Yellow Brick Road Trip

Yes! Adventures


Your’re Not From Around Here, Are You?


 [quick, someone make a blog about zebras]

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