The Great Korean Road Trip

Finishing a road trip across the Korean peninsula was something I wanted to do for years. For the most part, everything went according to plan. I zig zagged back and forth, hit both coasts, and visited all the main places I wanted to visit. One thing you should keep in mind is that the goal here wasn’t to hit all of the highlights in Korea. I’ve lived here for 8 years and have visited pretty much everywhere of note in that time. If you’re interested in the best things to do in Seoul or best things to do outside of Seoul, hit those links! This trip, instead, was to visit those secondary, ‘off the beaten path’ spots that travelers usually skip because of time constraints.

This page is a navigating resource of that 3000km road trip. Click on whatever day you want to read about and look at the map below to see where it is. If you have any questions, by all means, feel free to ask!

The Trip

Day 0 – Intro

Day 1 – Kyodong Island

Day 2 – Ganghwa Dolmen Sites (UNESCO WHS)

Day 3 – Oeam Folk Village (UNESCO WHS Tentative List)


Day 4 – Taeanhaean National Park

Taeanhaean National Park

Day 5 – Mountain Fortresses (UNESCO WHS Tentative List)

Day 6 – Gangneung

beach yangyang

Day 7 – Gangneung pt.2 – Coffee

Coffee shop gangneung

Day 8 – Ulleungdo Squid Festival

Ulleungdo Squid Buffet

Day 9 – Ullengdo Sea Road

Squid Boat

Day 10 – Ulleungdo Taeha Village



Day 12 – Chuam Beach in Donghae

Day 13 – Museom Folk Village

Day 14 – Confucian Seowon (UNESCO WHS)

Day 15 – Gaya Tumili (UNESCO WHS Tentative List)



Day 17 – Jeju Geumneung Beach

Jeju Geumneung Beach

Day 18 – Jeju Puzzle Museum

Day 19 – Jeju Hallasan National Park (UNESCO WHS)

Day 20 – Jeju Seopseom SCUBA Diving

Day 21 – Geoje Island

Day 22 – Bijindo Twin Islands

Day 23 – Naganeupseong Walled Town in Suncheon (UNESCO WHS Tentative List)

Day 24 – Gangjin Celadon Kiln Sites (UNESCO WHS Tentative List)

Day 25 – The Master and Apprentice

The Map

Yes, I did have GPS. However, I do love using a physical map on road trips too. Just a nostalgia thing.


Yellow Arrows are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Red Stickers are UNESCO Sites on the Tentative List.

Green Stickers “N” are National Parks.

Green Stickers with just a number are just places I was interested in visiting.

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