The Great Korean Road Trip – Day 20 -Jeju Seopseom SCUBA Diving

Seopseom Island Diving

Okay okay okay… full confession, this was one of the days I was looking forward to the most in the entire trip. Since I first got my PADI open water certification back in 2011, SCUBA diving has been a huge passion of mine and it has largely been a solo endeavor. Today, this was all changing.   

I did some research, and apparently, Jeju has some rather decent diving down at the south end of the island. I didn’t wan’t to leave anything to chance though, so I booked a flexible diving day with Allblu, Trip Advisor’s top rated dive shop. Okay, there were like 4 shops in total, but you get the idea! Anyways, we waited for the perfect day (weather-wise) to make sure Sid’s first experience would be a memorable one. Nothing else was booked for this day and all I hoped is that she wouldn’t freak out.

The diving, for her at least, went without a hitch. The crew was all very professional and everything went smoothly. Unfortunately, it was I who had a big issue. In 30 some odd dives, I’ve never had any problem equalizing or pain when going under. However, this time around, an intense sinus pressure built up and I couldn’t really dive below about 10 meters. It’s all good though, there was plenty to see closer to the surface and Sid had a great time.

I really don’t make it a point any more to go out of my way to meet travelers these days. However, Bob (I think that was his name) definitely stood out. He was a keen diver with 3000 dives under his belt. Yet, he was so humble and full of wonder. I guess this is a diving cliche, but I liked what he said when I asked him about his favorite dive. “My next one.”

Today has quite a few honorable mentions like

#1 – This fascinating packaging














#2 – This cool bar where they bottle Jeju Ale


#3 – And this hilarious feud between a local restaurant and their neighboring delivery company

“Lotte Delivery – NEVER PARK HERE!”
“Eunhoe’s Haejangguk Customers – NEVER PARK HERE”
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